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Classical Numismatic Group > Electronic Auction 255Auction date: 4 May 2011
Lot number: 145

Lot description:

KYRENAICA, Kyrene. L. Lollius. Circa 37-34 BC. Æ (32mm, 17.70 g, 6h). Head of Zeus Ammon right; lotus-tipped scepter before / Curule chair; I-H between legs. RPC I 911; Müller -. Fine. Rare.

RPC (p. 219) notes: “This issue is difficult to date. The sella curulis marks the coinage as prominently Roman, but the omission of any Roman titulature is peculiar. Grant might be right when he says that this feature would be incorrect in a regular Roman province, but understandable in a royal territory. He has therefore suggested that this issue could fall between the acquisition of the joint province by Cleopatra in 37 BC and the gift of Cyrenaica alone to Cleopatra Selene in 34 BC."

Estimate: $500