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Classical Numismatic Group > Triton XIVAuction date: 4 January 2011
Lot number: 789

Lot description:

Gordian III. AD 238-244. Æ Pentassarion (29mm, 14.10 g, 1h). Marcianopolis mint; Menophilus, legatus consularis. M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC AVΓ, laureate and draped bust of Gordian III right, vis-à-vis draped bust of Serapis left, wearing calathus / VΠ MHNOΦIΛOV MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN, city-view seen from aerial perspective: city wall of thirteen towers, two of which flank arched gate; arched colonnade along interior of back wall; inside, temple precinct composed of tetrastyle temple façade with colonnaded wings on either side and lighted altar in precinct center. Hristova & Jekov (same dies as illustration); AMNG I 1167; Varbanov 1972. VF, rough dark-brown surfaces. Very rare.

Estimate: 3000 USD