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Lot number: 575

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KINGS of BOSPOROS. Asander. As archon, circa 47-43 BC. AV Stater (21mm, 8.14 g, 12h). Dated RY 1 (47/6 BC). Bare head right / APXONTOΣ AΣANΔPOY BOΣΠOPOY, Nike standing on prow of galley left, holding wreath in extended right hand and palm frond in left; ЄT A (date) across upper field, monogram to inner left. Frolova I, 1 var. (Φ below monogram); MacDonald 189/2 (same dies as illustration); Anokhin 221; RPC I 1842; SNG BM Black Sea 961 (same dies). EF. Extremely rare.

From the Alex Shubs Collection.

After defeating Pharnakes II in 47 BC, Asander hoped that Caesar would recognize him as king of Bosporos. Instead, in 46 BC Caesar appointed Mithradates of Pergamon, the illegitimate son of Mithradates VI Eupator and a personal friend. Asander, however, subsequently defeated and killed Mithradates. To support his claim to the throne, Asander married Dynamis, the daughter of Pharnakes II, but for the first four years of his reign, he claimed the title ‘archon’ only, rather than that of ‘basileus.’ The reason for this may be that as Rome had formally recognized the archon Pharnakes II as king, Asander was hoping they would do the same on his behalf – a hope confirmed by Octavian in 43 BC. Consequently, all of Asander’s regnal dates are reckoned from his first year as archon (circa 47/6 BC).

Estimate: 20000 USD