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Stack's (pre-Feb 2011) > Coin Galleries April 2010Auction date: 28 April 2010
Lot number: 18

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HISPANIA. Urso. Late 80s B.C.(?).

PB 36 mm Weight. L. Appuleius Decianus, quaestor. Sphinx advancing right on groundline, forepaw raised. Rv. Bear standing right. 59.77 grams. Cf. SNG BM 1516-8 and 1526. Extremely rare and likely unique. Very carefully made. Light earthen patina. Extremely Fine. (400-500)

Crawford, CMRR app. H, p. 341, argues that the quaestor L. Appuleius Decianus responsible for this weight as well as the coins from Urso with his name (SNG BM 1516-25) was a son of C. Appuleius Decianus, the popularis tribune of 98, and followed M. Perperna to Spain in 83 or 82, thus a considerable revision of the early to mid-2nd century date provided by SNG BM. Regardless of the question of dating, however, this weight appears to have been an official money changer's weight for checking coinage, and equals three bronze units of ca. 19.85 g each. It is extremely well made, and a small area of weight adjustment on the edge shows that great care was taken to get a precise measurement.

From the collection of Lawrence Feinberg.