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Gemini, LLC > Auction VIAuction date: 10 January 2010
Lot number: 734

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Philip I and Philip II. 244-249 AD. AE 27, 13.35g. Samaria, Neapolis, 247-9 AD. Obv: IIMM CC PFILIPPIS AVGG Jugate busts of the two emperors right, laureate, draped, cuirassed. Rx: COL - SERG around, NEAPOL in exergue, the two emperors standing facing one another, holding spears and sacrificing from pateras over altar between them; Philip I, on the left, is togate, Philip II, on the right, wears military dress; above in field, Mount Gerizim with twin peaks surmounted by temple and altar. An interesting reverse type suggesting that the emperors actually visited Neapolis late in their reign; not previously known with the jugate portrait on obverse, which was struck from only this single obverse die. PFILIPPIS for PHILIPPIS in obverse legend by engraver's error. Harl, Museum Notes 29, 1984, obverse die A9, reverse like pl. 6, 5 (Philip I alone). Not in BM, SNG ANS, or Rosenberger. Good Fine.

Ex Dr. Stephen Gerson Collection. Ex Triton VI, 14-15 January 2003, lot 578 (part).

Estimate: US$300