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Gemini, LLC > Auction VIAuction date: 10 January 2010
Lot number: 733

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Philip I and Philip II. 244-249 AD. AE 27, 13.64g. Samaria, Neapolis, 247-9 AD. Obv: IIMM CC PFILIPPIS AVGG Jugate busts of the two emperors right, laureate, draped, cuirassed. Rx: NEAPOLI - NEOCORO around, C - O in field left and right of eagle's head, Eagle with spread wings, head left, supporting Mount Gerizim with twin peaks surmounted by temple and altar, steps leading to temple, colonnade below. All jugate-portrait coins of Philip I and II at this mint come from this single obverse die, which by engraver's error has PFILIPPIS for PHILIPPIS in the legend. Harl, Museum Notes 29, 1984, pl. 6, 38 (same dies). BM 38 (same dies). SNG ANS 1020 (same dies). Rosenberger 89. Fine.

Ex Dr. Stephen Gerson Collection.

Estimate: US$250