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UBS Gold & Numismatics > Auction 83Auction date: 8 September 2009
Lot number: 431

Lot description:

No.: 431
Sch├Ątzwert/Estimate: CHF 400
Romanus IV Diogenes, with Eudocia, Michael VII, Constantius, and Andronicus. 1068-1071. Histamenon Nomisma, Constantinopolis. Constantius, holding globus cruciger and akakia, Michael, holding labarum and akakia, and Andronicus, holding globus cruciger and akakia, standing facing on footstools, each crowned and wearing saccos and loros; crowns topped with crosses. Rev. Christ standing facing on footstool, crowning Romanus and Eudocia, who stand facing on either side, each crowned and wearing saccos and loros. 4,40 g. Sear 1858. Ratto -. Almost extremely fine.