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Classical Numismatic Group > Electronic Auction 213Auction date: 1 July 2009
Lot number: 354

Lot description:
Roman Provincial

MESOPOTAMIA, Edessa. Gordian III, with Abgar X Phraates. AD 238-244. Æ 32mm (24.95 g, 11h). Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Abgar X standing left, placing hand on sword hilt and presenting Nike to Gordian III seated right atop daïs, holding scepter. H. Gesche, “Kaiser Gordian mit dem Pfeil in Edessa,” JNG 19, pl. 3, 1-3 (var. bust type); SNG Copenhagen 223; BMC 139. VF, warm brown patina with some scattered spots of red, edge a little rough. Superb for issue.

Estimate: $500