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Classical Numismatic Group > Electronic Auction 85Auction date: 17 March 2004
Lot number: 66

Lot description:
Roman Provincial

PHRYGIA, Laodicea. Time of Antoninus Pius. Circa 139-161 AD. Æ 36mm (22.85 gm). P. Claudius Attalus, magistrate. Draped bust of the Roman Senate left / Men standing right, wearing Phrygian cap, holding pine-cone and sceptre; Π Κ ΑΤΤΑΛΟC (magistrate). SNG Copenhagen -; SNG von Aulock - (same obverse die as 3823-3825); BMC Phrygia -; Imhoof-Blumer pg. 269, 34a. VF, black patina, some earthen encrustation, rough surfaces.

Estimate: $200