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Classical Numismatic Group > Mail Bid Sale 81Auction date: 20 May 2009
Lot number: 2775

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ACHAEA, Dyme. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Circa 40 BC. Æ Semis (4.74 g, 8h). C. Arrius A.f. and C. Julius Tanginus, duoviri quinq. C • ARRI • A • F • C • IVL • TANG • C • I • D, draped bust of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet / sella curulis; fasces on either side. RPC 1284; Amandry, Dymé, period A, group II, 1 (D1/R1); BCD Peloponnesos 492-3. Near VF, rough brown surfaces. Very rare.

Ex BCD Collection (not in LHS sale).

Estimate: 200 USD