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Roma Numismatics Ltd > E-Sale 106Auction date: 16 February 2023
Lot number: 286

Lot description:

Mysia, Parion Æ 22mm. Pseudo-autonomous issue, temp. Valerian I and Gallienus, circa AD 253-268. IO-OCCH (sic), head of the eponymous hero Parius to right / C C H I P, capricorn to right, cornucopiae on back; between legs, globe overlaid with a star. Nomos obolos 22, lot 531 (same dies); cf. BMC 83 (obv. legend); SNG BnF 1427-30 (different rev. types, but all with similar obv.). 3.99g, 22mm, 10h.

Good Very Fine. Very Rare.

From a private English collection.

Estimate: 50 GBP