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Lot number: 235

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CILICIA, Mallus. Gaius (Caligula)(?). AD 37-41. Æ (18mm, 2.48 g, 12h). Dated 105 of the Pompeian era (AD 37/8). Laureate head left / Tyche lstanding left, holding rudder and palm frond; ME EP (date) in field. SNG BN –; RPC I 4018; SNG Levante 1266 (Tiberius). Green-brown patina, cleaning scratches, deposits, small flan chip. Near VF. Rare.

There is some disagreement as to which emperor this issue belongs to. SNG Levante assigns it to Tiberius, while the authors of RPC tentatively place it under Caligula, but if the reading of the Pomeian date is correct, the attribution to Caligula is certain.

Estimate: 100 USD