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Classical Numismatic Group > Triton XIAuction date: 8 January 2008
Lot number: 553

Lot description:
BYZACIUM, Achulla. Augustus, with Caius and Lucius Caesars. 27 BC-AD 14. Æ “Dupondius” (32mm, 13.77 g, 3h). L. Volusius Saturninus, proconsul. Struck 7/6 BC. AVG • PONT [•] MAX (NT ligate), C • L • below, bare head of Augustus left; to left, bare head of Caius Caesar right; to right, bare head of Lucius Caesar to left / L VOLVSIVS SATVR ACHVL, bare head of L. Volusius Saturninus right. RPC I 800; MAA 60; Müller, Afrique 9; SNG Copenhagen 50. Good VF, dark green patina, light scratches on obverse. Extremely rare. Overstruck on an Achulla “dupondius” of Quinctilius Varus, RPC I 798.

From the Patrick Villemur Collection.

Estimate: 1000 USD