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Classical Numismatic Group > Triton XIAuction date: 8 January 2008
Lot number: 472

Lot description:
MYSIA, Parium. Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. Æ 21mm (4.64 g, 12h). M. Barbatius and M. Acilius, duoviri, P. Vibius, sacerdos Caesaris, and Q. Barbatius, praefectus pro-duoviri. M BARBA[TIO MN A]CILIO II VIR C G I P, bare head of Augustus right / P VIBIO [SAC]/CAES above, Q BARBA PRAE[F]/PRO II • VIR in exergue, pontiff driving yoke of oxen right, plowing pomerium. RPC I 2262.9 (this coin; illustrated); SNG France 1432-1433; cf. SNG von Aulock 1332; SNG Copenhagen -. VF, apple-green patina with earthen overtones.

From the Patrick Villemur Collection.

Estimate: 300 USD