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Bertolami Fine Arts - ACR Auctions > Auction 109Auction date: 4 May 2022
Lot number: 609

Lot description:

Gordian III (238-244), Medallion, Rome, AD 244; AE (g 34,95; mm 37; h 11); IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FELIX AVG, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust r., Rv. MVNIFICENTIA GORDIANI AVG, Colosseum: within, bull fighting elephant; in l. field, Fortuna standing facing behind the Meta Sudans, holding rudder; in r. field, statue within small temple or shrine. Gnecchi II, 23, pl. 104.6 (same dies); C 16.
Extremely rare: a Medallion of tremendous importance and fascination issued to celebrate the renovation of the Colosseum. Brown-reddish patina with traces of corrosion; very fine.

Ex Lanz 128, 22 May 2006, lot 654.

Starting price: 1500 EUR