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Leu Numismatik AG > Web Auction 19Auction date: 26 February 2022
Lot number: 2110

Lot description:

ISLANDS OFF IONIA, Chios. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Triassarion (Bronze, 31 mm, 10.11 g, 6 h), first half of the 2nd century AD. TRIA / ACCAPIA Sphinx seated right, placing right forepaw on prow. Rev. X-I/Ω-N Apollo, holding phiale in his right hand, and Dionysos, holding kantharos in his right hand and thyrsos in his left, standing front; between them, altar. BMC 122-4. Mavrogordato 110α. RPC III 1907. Rare. A beautiful example of this interesting issue. The reverse a bit weak, otherwise, very fine.

From the collection of R. Wightman, formed from the late 1970s to the early 2000s.

Starting price: 150 CHF