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Nomos AG > Auction 23Auction date: 30 November 2021
Lot number: 201

Lot description:

IONIA. Magnesia ad Maeandrum. Julius Caesar, circa 47-27 BC. (Bronze, 15.5 mm, 2.86 g, 1 h), struck under the magistrate Euphemos. Laureate head of Julius Caesar to right, crowned by Nike standing facing before him; between them, in the lower field, B. Rev. [ΜΑΓΝΗΤΩΝ] / ΕΥΦΗΜΟΣ Artemis standing right, holding her bow with her left hand and drawing arrow from her quiver with her right. RPC I 2690 (letter on obverse not mentioned in error). Schulz 6. Extremely rare. Clear and with an attractive, albeit imaginary, portrait of Caesar as a mature man. Very fine.

From a From a collection in Munich, acquired in the 1980s.

The magistrate Euphenos signed three Magnesian coin types dating to late Republican - Imperatorial times. The first, as this, bears the laureate head of an older man crowned by a left-facing Nike on the obverse, paired with Artemis on the reverse; the second, RPC I 2691, has a clearly Augustan head on the obverse, also crowned by Nike but from behind, paired with a statue of Artemis Leukophrys on the reverse; the final type has the head of Artemis on the obverse paired with that of Apollo on the reverse (RPC I 2692).

Estimate: 350 CHF