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Nomos AG > obolos 20Auction date: 3 October 2021
Lot number: 1037

Lot description:

MESOPOTAMIA. Edessa. Severus Alexander, 222-235. (Bronze, 23 mm, 9.51 g, 12 h). AYT K M AYP CEY AΛEΞANΔPOC Laureate and cuirassed bust of Severus Alexander to right, holding spear in right hand over right shoulder and shield on left arm. Rev. MHT KO ЄΔЄCCHNωN Tyche, turreted and draped, seated to left on low platform, holding uncertain object (grain ears or branch?) in right hand and resting left at her side; below to left, river-god swimming to left; lighted altar to left. BMC -. SNG Copenhagen -. SNG Hunterian 2551 corr. (same obverse die; obverse legend). A most impressive bust of the emperor. Cleaned coppery-brown surfaces, otherwise, good very fine.

Starting price: 75 CHF