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Nomos AG > obolos 20Auction date: 3 October 2021
Lot number: 323

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AEOLIS. Temnus. Julia Mamaea, Augusta, 222-235. (Bronze, 31 mm, 11.90 g, 5 h), struck under the strategos Kl. Smaragdos. ΙΟΥΛΙΑ ΜΑΜΕΑ (sic) CEB Diademed and draped bust of Julia Mamaea to right. Rev. EΠ CΤΡΑΤ ΚΛ CΜΑΡΑΓΔΟΥ ΤΗΜΝEΙΤΩΝ Dionysos standing left, holding kantharos in right hand and thyrsos in left; at feet to left, panther. Kraft 22b. RPC VI Online temp. 4629. Rough dark brown surfaces. Very fine.

From the Vineyard Collection, ex Münzzentrum 101, 15 December 1999, 232.

Starting price: 50 CHF