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Classical Numismatic Group > Auction 118Auction date: 13 September 2021
Lot number: 792

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JUDAEA, Herodians. temp. Agrippa II. Circa 50-100 CE. Æ (23mm, 9.09 g, 12h). In the names of Roman emperor Nero, and Vespasian, as procurator. Sepphoris mint. Dated RY 14 of Nero (67/8 CE). EΠI OYECΠACIAN[ΟΥ EΙΡΗΝΟΠΟΛΙ ΝEΡΩΝΙΑC CEΠΦΩΡ], crossed cornucopias over caduceus / LΔI/NEPΩN/KΛAYΔIOY/KAICAPO/C in five lines within laurel wreath. Meshorer 127; Hendin 1276; Sofaer –; RPC I 4849 (Sepphoris city issue). Green and brown patina, minor roughness. VF.

From the Dr. Jay M. Galst Collection, purchased from Herb Kreindler, circa 1990.

This coin names the future emperor Vespasian while he was still a general under Nero. Vespasian was sent to Judaea in AD 66 to suppress the Great Jewish Revolt, which lasted until AD 69. There is no consensus on whether this and a related larger denomination should be considered civic issues of Sepphoris or if there was some involvement on the part of Agrippa II.

Estimate: 500 USD