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Leu Numismatik AG > Web Auction 17Auction date: 14 August 2021
Lot number: 1682

Lot description:

CARIA. Antiochia ad Maeandrum. Augustus, 27 BC-AD 14. Hemiassarion (Bronze, 17 mm, 3.52 g, 12 h), Iason, member of the synarchia. ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΕΩΝ Laureate head of Augustus to right. Rev. ΙΑ/ΣΩΝΟΣ / ΣΥΝΑΡ/ΧΙΑ in four lines within laurel wreath. RPC I 2831 (3 specimens). Very rare and unusually well preserved. Minor smoothing, otherwise, good very fine.

Starting Price: 50 CHF