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Numismatica Ars Classica > Auction 125Auction date: 23 June 2021
Lot number: 584

Lot description:

Uncertain mint in Asia, Ephesus (?). Titus caesar 69 – 79.
Denarius 76, AR 3.17 g. T CAES IMP VESP CENS Laureate head r.; below neck truncation, o. Rev. COS – V Pegasus standing r. . C 62. BMC Vespasian p 101, *. RIC Vespasian 1484. CBN Vespasian 372 (these dies). RPC –.
Extremely rare, possibly the only specimen in private hands.
Light iridescent tone and good very fine

Ex CNG 58, 2001, 1149 and Gemini IX, 2012, 433 sales. From the H.Sneh Collection.

Estimate: 1500 CHF