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Numismatica Ars Classica > Auction 125Auction date: 23 June 2021
Lot number: 570

Lot description:

Ephesus. Titus caesar 69 – 79.
Denarius 74, AR 3.46 g. IMP T CAESAR COS III Laureate bust r. Rev. AVG / star within wreath. C 21. BMC p. 100 note. RIC Vespasian 1459. CBN Vespasian 369. RPC 855.
An extremely rare variety, only very few specimens known. A spectacular portrait,
light iridescent tone, virtually as struck and almost Fdc

Ex Tkalec sale April 2007, 204. Privately purchased from NAC on the 15th of June 2009.

Estimate: 5000 CHF