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Classical Numismatic Group > Auction 117Auction date: 19 May 2021
Lot number: 409

Lot description:

THESSALY, Magnetes. Nero. AD 54-68. Æ Tetrassarion (23mm, 10.47 g, 7h). ΝΕΡΩΝ down left, KAICAP up right, bare head of Nero right / CEBACTOC up right, ΜΑΓΝΗΤΩ Ν down left, radiate head right. RPC 1422A (this coin). Green and red-brown patina, portraits a bit flatly struck. Fine. Unique. RPC cites only this example, only this coin in CoinArchives (illustrated).

Ex BCD Collection (Triton XV, 3 January 2012), lot 429.123; Thomas Ollive Mabbott Collection (Hans Schulman 6 June 1969), lot 738 (hammer $75).

Estimate: 200 USD