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Roma Numismatics Ltd > E-Sale 82Auction date: 15 April 2021
Lot number: 872

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Time of Octavian Æ 18mm of Magnesia ad Maeandrum, Ionia. Circa 47-27 BC. Euphemos, magistrate. Laureate head of Julius Caesar to right, being crowned by Nike on right, standing to left; B below / [Ε]ΥΦΗΜΟΣ [ΜΑΓ]ΝΗΤΩΝ, Artemis standing facing, head to right, drawing arrow from quiver at shoulder and holding bow. S. Schultz, Die Münzprägung von Magnesia am Mäander, Hildesheim 1975, 6 (V5-R5); cf. RPC I 2690; Grant, From Imperium to Auctoritas, p. 465, note 10. 4.65g, 18mm, 1h.

Good Fine. Extremely Rare; only one other example of this die pairing cited by Schultz from the Imhoof-Blumer collection, now in Berlin Staatliche Museen, Münzkabinett.

From a private English collection.

From 42 BC, the boyish image of Octavian/Augustus never developed very much on the provincial and metropolitan coinage throughout his long principate and death at 75 years old in AD 14. RPC 2690 has erroneously grouped together two distinct series: Schultz 1-3 (V1-3) with the young bare headed portrait of Octavian, typical the his early years as Imp Caesar Divi filius, with the laureate portrait series: Schultz series 5-6 (V4-5). The portraits of Schultz 5-6 is clearly that of a mature man with prominent features and double chin which can only have been intended to represent Octavian's adoptive father namesake (Julius) Caesar.

Estimate: 100 GBP