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Leu Numismatik AG > Auction 7Auction date: 24 October 2020
Lot number: 1452

Lot description:

CARIA. Antiochia ad Maeandrum. Trajan, 98-117. Hexassarion (Orichalcum, 31 mm, 19.94 g, 12 h). AYT NЄP TPAIANOC KAI CЄ ΓЄP ΔAKIK Laureate head of Trajan to right. Rev. ΜΑΙΑΝΔΡΟС ΑΝΤΙ-ΟΧЄΩΝ The river-god Maiandros reclining to left on urn from which water flows, holding reed in his right hand and cornucopiae in his left. RPC III online 2241.3 (this coin, but uncleaned). Extremely rare, by far the finest of just four known examples. An interesting issue with a particularly attractive reverse. Good very fine.

Ex Naumann 67, 1 June 2018, 292 (uncleaned).

Estimate: 350 CHF