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Roma Numismatics Ltd > Auction XXAuction date: 29 October 2020
Lot number: 378

Lot description:

Hadrian AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm of Nicomedia, Bithynia. After AD 128. IMP CAES TRA HADRIANO AVG P P, laureate head right / Octastyle temple set on three-tiered podium, ROM S P AVG across frieze; COM BIT across fields. RIC 461b; RIC II.3 -; RPC III, 968; Metcalf, Cistophori, type B1; RSC 240b. 10.87g, 27mm, 6h.

Extremely Fine; attractive cabinet tone, a bold portrait engraved in handsome style.

Ex Roma Numismatics Ltd., Auction XVII, 28 March 2019, lot 644;
Ex collection of an antiquarian, Bavaria c. 1960s-1990s.

Estimate: 3000 GBP