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Numismatica Ars Classica > Auction 119 with Jesús Vico S.A.Auction date: 6 October 2020
Lot number: 66

Lot description:

Antoninus Pius augustus, 138 – 161
Aureus 140-143, AV 7.22 g. ANTONINVS AVG PI –VS P P TR P COS III Laureate head r. Rev. Antoninus seated l. on platform extending r. hand and holding scroll in l.; before him Liberalitas standing l., holding abacus and cornucopia; in front, citizen with outstretched hands. In exergue, LIBERALITAS / AVG III. C 488 var. (bare head). BMC 216 note var. (head l.). RIC 74d var. (head l.). Calicó 1561 var. (head l.).
An apparently unrecorded variety of a very rare type. A minor edge nick
and almost invisible marks, otherwise good extremely fine

Ex Sothebys 28th November 1986, Deceased Nobleman, 71. This coin is sold with an export licence issued by the government of Spain.

Estimate: 7000 CHF