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Lot number: 6211

Lot description:

Herodian Dynasty, 40 BCE-96 CE. Agrippa I, 37-44.
Large Bronze, year 7=42/43, Caesarea maritima; 15,31 g. [ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ] ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ ΓΕΡ[...] Laureate head of Tiberius to r.; on the neck, round countermark: Laureate head to l.//[ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣ ΜΕΓΑΣ] ΑΓΡΙΠΠΑΣ [ΦΙΛΟΚΑΙΣΑΡ] Distyle temple; within the temple, two figures standing facing each other and holding patera over victimarius kneeling l.; in the background, a fourth person; LZ in the pediment of the temple. Hendin no. 1245; Meshorer, Treasury 232 no. 121; RPC no. 4983.
Good fine/fine

Overbeck - Meshorer no. 155.

Estimate: 250 EUR