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Heritage World Coin Auctions > Monthly Auction 61160Auction date: 10 May 2020
Lot number: 97096

Lot description:

SYRIA. Seleucis and Pieria. Balanea (as Leucas-Claudia). Caracalla (AD 198-217). AE (27mm, 17.35 gm, 1h). NGC Choice VF. Dated Civic Year 254 (AD 216/7). AYT K M A AN-TWNEINOC CE, laureate head of Caracalla right / LE-VK, Sol driving split quadriga facing, radiate head left, right hand raised, globe in left; ΔNC (date) in exergue. SNG Copenhagen –. Winsemann 1637.

From the Morris Collection. Ex Harlan Berk, private sale with old dealer tag; Freeman & Sear, Mail Bid Sale 7 (2002), 274


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