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Gemini, LLC > Auction IIIAuction date: 9 January 2007
Lot number: 338

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Augustus. (27 BC-14 AD). Copper as (8.57 gm). Byzacene, Leptis Minor, 10 AD. IMP C D A P M P P, bare head of Augustus left / ΛEΠTIC, draped bust of Mercury left, wearing winged cap and holding winged caduceus, A below. RPC 790 (citing two specimens in Paris and Berlin), pl. 45 (same dies). Extremely rare. Fine. RPC records only fourteen known coins of Leptis Minor, spread over eight types in three issues, all under Augustus. These are all bilingual and bear the value marks A, B and D for one, two and four asses.

Estimate: US$300