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Roma Numismatics Ltd > E-Sale 69Auction date: 16 April 2020
Lot number: 873

Lot description:

Marc Antony and Lepidus AR Quinarius. Military mint travelling with Antony and Lepidus in Transalpine Gaul, May-summer 43 BC. Emblems of the augurate: lituus, capis, and raven standing left; M ANT IMP above / Emblems of the pontificate: simpulum, aspergillum, securis, and apex; LEP [IMP] upwards to left. Crawford 489/3; King 73; CRI 120; RSC 3. 1.57g, 12mm, 9h.

Good Fine; surface marks in fields.

From the collection of a Yorkshire Gentleman.

Estimate: 75 GBP