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Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG > Auction 334Auction date: 17 March 2020
Lot number: 2144

Lot description:

Herodian Dynasty, 40 BCE-96 CE.
Agrippa II, 50-100. Large bronze, year 14=73/74, Caesarea Paneas/Philippi; 13,60 g. AYTOKPA OYECΠΑCI KAICAP CEBACTΩ around laureate bust of Vespasian to r.//Fecunditas/Tyche standing to l., holding ears of corn in her outstretched r. hand, a cornucopia in her l. arm; in the fields LIΔ – ΒΑCI / AΓΡΙ - ΠOY. Hendin no. 1301a; Meshorer, Treasury 234 no. 136; RPC II no. 2244.2 (this coin).

FineδδδδδδOverbeck – Meshorer no. 166.

Estimate: 50 EUR