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Leu Numismatik AG > Web Auction 11Auction date: 22 February 2020
Lot number: 1557

Lot description:

CYRENAICA. Cyrene. Trajan, 98-117. 'Sestertius' (Orichalcum, 30 mm, 21.63 g, 6 h), Rome mint style, 103-111. AYTOKP KAIC NЄP TPAIANOC CЄB ΓЄ[Ρ]Μ ΔΑΚ Laureate head of Trajan to right, with slight drapery on his left shoulder. Rev. ΔΗΜΑΡΧ ЄΞ ΥΠΑΤ Є Head of Zeus-Ammon to right. RPC III 5. SNG Copenhagen 217. Sydenham, Caesarea, 232. A beautiful, well-centered piece. Light scratch on the obverse and light cracks on the reverse, otherwise, very fine.

Starting Price: 200 CHF