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Roma Numismatics Ltd > E-Sale 62Auction date: 17 October 2019
Lot number: 700

Lot description:

Maximinus I Æ Pentassarion of Anchialus, Thrace. AD 235-238. AYT MAΞIMINOC EUCEB AVΓ, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / OVΛΠIANΩN AΓXIAΛEΩN NVMΦIA, prize table, on which are five apples, purse and prize urn containing two palm branches; amphora and E (mark of value) below. AMNG II 570 corr.; Varbanov 580.

Ex C. Fontana Collection, Finarte, Auction 995, 26-27 November 1996, lot 669;
Purchased from M. Ratto, 1956.

Estimate: 50 GBP