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Savoca Numismatik GmbH & Co. KG > Online Auction 35 | SilverAuction date: 3 August 2019
Lot number: 280

Lot description:

Thrace. Bizya. Philip I and Otacilia Severa AD 244-249.
Bronze Æ

29 mm., 13,15 g.

AVT K M IOVΛ ΦIΛIΠΠOC AV M ΩT- around, AK CЄBHP-A CЄB[A] in two lines below, draped busts of Philip, laureate, and cuirassed, and Otacilia Severa, wearing stephane, facing one another / BI-ZV-HNΩN, Demeter standing facing, head to left, holding torch with left hand and grain-ears with right.

very fine

BMC -; SNG Copenhagen -; Jurukova, Bizya 70.

Starting Price: 75 EUR