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Lot number: 324

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Tranquillina. Drachm; Tranquillina; Caesarea, Cappadocia, Year 4=241 AD, Drachm, 3.06g. Sydenham/Malloy-617aa. Obv: CABINIA TRANKV??INH Bust draped r., wearing stephane, the hair falling onto neck arranged in two horizontal ridges. Rx: MHTPO KAICA B NE around, ET ? in exergue, Mt. Argaeus, pellet in upper l. field. The rare third obverse die for Tranquillina's Caesarean drachms of Year 4, known to us from only this one coin. The H at the end of the obverse legend is unclear, and may actually have been intended as a ligate combination of several other letters. Tranquillina's name should end with an A, not an H.. EF

Starting Price: 374 USD