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Lot number: 883

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Augustus, with Gaius and Lucius as Caesars, Æ Dupondius of Achulla, Africa. L. Volusius Saturninus, proconsul. Struck 7-6 BC. AVG PONT MAX, bare head of Augustus left; bare head of Gaius right, before and bare head of Lucius left, behind; [CL below neck truncation] / L VOLVSIVS SATVR ACHVL, bare head of Saturninus right; c/m QYR in neo-Punic in incuse rectangle. RPC I 800; M. Amandry, "Notes de numismatique Africaine. VI. 8 Achulla," Revue Numismatique 1992, pp. 46-53, II B, 5; MAA 60. 16.96g, 32mm, 11h.

Good Fine. Extremely Rare.

Ex 'a Bay Area collection';
Privately purchased from David Vagi, 31 July 2005.

L. Volusius Saturninus, the first member of his plebeian but ancient and distinguished senatorial family to amass any considerable wealth (a 'homo novus'), was suffect consul in 12 BC. Prior to this, according to Tacitus (Annales, III.30) members of his family had never risen above the Praetorship.

His father was Quintus Volusius, who served under Cicero in Cilicia circa 51/50 BC, and was a Pupil of his in oratory. His mother was Claudia, aunt of the future emperor Tiberius. His niece, Lollia Paulina, was the third wife of the emperor Gaius (Caligula).

His portrait appears on these extremely rare coins struck under his proconsular governorship of Africa in conjunction with those of Augustus and his grandsons. Such proconsular portraits on the provincial coinage were exceedingly few and far between, and disappeared entirely from Roman coinage not long after.

Estimate: 1750 GBP