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LHS Numismatik AG > Auction 96Auction date: 8 May 2006
Lot number: 760

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Estimate: CHF 100.00

Trichalkon (AE, 3.54 g, 15.5 mm, 5), late 1st century. Bare-headed bust of Herakles to right, draped with the lionskin. Rev. Vertical club with grip above; to left, ; to right, wreath. Grandjean 676a (this coin, illustrated, but misdescribed). Extremely rare. Green patina. About very fine.

Only three coins of this extremely rare issue are known. Grandjean describes Herakles as laureate, but he is, in fact, bare-headed; she also records three obverses and three reverses: in fact all three obverses (D392-394) are the same and her R597 (Grandjean 674, ex Rhousopoulos) and R599 (this piece) are also the same. Thus, this tiny issue was produced with one obverse and two reverse dies. In addition, on the plates the casts used to illustrate 675 and 676 have been switched (the coin labeled 675 is 676 and the coin labeled 676 is 675) and the cast used for the obverse of 676 (on the plate illustrated as 675, but it is this coin) was badly made and the head is shown doubled!!! A note from BCD: I am glad that ASW has set the record straight concerning these rarities (and noted some other Messenian mistakes including details that are necessary to make the book less frustrating to use).