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Classical Numismatic Group > Mail Bid Sale 72Auction date: 14 June 2006
Lot number: 1390

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Nero. As Caesar, AD 50-54. Æ Sestertius (26.70 g, 6h). Thracian mint. Struck AD 51. Bare-headed and draped bust right / EQVESTER / OR-DO / PRINCIPI / IVVENT in four lines across shield; vertical spear behind. RIC I 108; cf. von Kaenel, Thrakien, N2/N1 (V2/R1 - unlisted die combination); BMCRE p. 195 note; Cohen 99. Good Fine, dark green and brown patina.

Latin coins (sestertii and dupondii) in the name of Britannicus, Agrippina Jr., and the young Nero have been found localized in the Balkan region, and were most likely struck at a local mint servicing the legions guarding the border. The missing S C is consistent with a provincial issue not issued under the nominal authority of the Roman Senate. RPC I proposed Perinthus as a mint, though always prefacing any opinion with "if any of them are genuine." Since that volume's publication, more examples from the Balkans have appeared on the market, all of which clearly appear genuine.

Estimate: $2000