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Leu Numismatik AG > Auction 4Auction date: 25 May 2019
Lot number: 466

Lot description:

CILICIA. Aegeae. Hadrian, with Sabina, 117-138. Tridrachm (Silver, 25 mm, 9.47 g, 7 h), CY 180 = 133/4. ΑΥΤΟΚΡ ΚΑΙΣ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟΣ ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟ ΣΕΒ Π Π Bare-headed bust of Hadrian to left, with drapery on both shoulders. Rev. ΣΑΒΙΝΑ ΣΕΒΑ ΑΙΓΕΑΙΩΝ•ΠΡ• Draped bust of Sabina to right, wearing stephane; below, small goat reclining left, head turned to right. Haymann 55. RPC III 3352.1 (this coin). Prieur 722. A lovely example of this rare issue with two attractive portraits. Slightly rough, otherwise, good very fine.

From the collection of Dr. P. Vogl, ex Aufhäuser 9, 7 October 1992, 321 (with original ticket).

Estimate: 350 CHF