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Lot number: 745

Lot description:

PISIDIA, Adada. Salonina, with Valerian II Caesar. Augusta, AD 254-268. Æ (28mm, 18.85 g, 6h). Struck AD 256-258. KOP[...], diademed and draped bust of Salonina right, facing bareheaded and draped bust of Valerian II right / A[ΔA-Δ-Є-Ω]N, triform figure of Hekate standing, holding serpents and torches; H to lower right. Apparently unpublished, but for others see: Gorny & Mosch 160, lot 1953; Hauck & Aufhäuser 21, lot 469. VF, black patina. Extremely rare.

Ex J.S. Wagner Collection (Classical Numismatic Group 79, 17 September 2008), lot 620.

Estimate: 300 USD