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Nomos AG > Auction 18Auction date: 5 May 2019
Lot number: 287

Lot description:

PAPHLAGONIA. Sinope. Triumviral period, 39-35 BC. (Bronze, 25 mm, 8.78 g, 11 h), year 8 = 39/38. C F I AN VIII Bare head of Mark Antony to right; uncertain countermark (or flan fault?) on neck. Rev. EX D D Bare head of Octavian to right. RPC 2110/2. Extremely rare, the second verifiable, and only available, specimen known. Attractive green patina with earthen encrustations. Countermark or fault on the obverse, otherwise, very fine.

There are apparently two other examples of this coin: one cited in RG, but apparently now lost (RPC 2110) and a second one that is in the Sinop Museum (RPC 2110/2).

Estimate: 500 CHF