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Roma Numismatics Ltd > E-Sale 55Auction date: 18 April 2019
Lot number: 584

Lot description:

Philip II BI Tetradrachm of Alexandria, Egypt. Dated RY 6 of Philip I = AD 248/249. A K M IOV ΦΙΛIΠΠΟC ЄV, laureate and cuirassed bust right / Homonoia standing facing, head left, raising her right hand upward, and holding a double cornucopiae with her left; Lς (date) to left. Köln 2803 var. (obv. legend); Dattari (Savio) 5056; Emmett 3593.6. 10.47g, 23mm, 12h.

Extremely Fine. A very handsome example of the type.

From the inventory of a North American dealer.

Estimate: 100 GBP