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Classical Numismatic Group > Triton XXIIAuction date: 8 January 2019
Lot number: 507

Lot description:

CILICIA, Seleucia ad Calycadnum. Hadrian. AD 117-138. AR Tridrachm (24mm, 9.37 g, 6h). AYT KAI ΘE TPA Π YI ΘE NEP TPA AΔPIANOC CE ΠA Π, laureate bust right, slight drapery / CEΛEYKEΩN TΩN ΠPOC TΩ KAΛYKAΔNΩ, radiate deity on horseback right; lighted and garlanded altar to right. Prieur 732 (this coin illustrated); SNG France 967; SNG Levante 721 = SNG von Aulock 5820; RPC III 3230.5 (this coin). VF, toned. Rare, only 8 cited in RPC.

From the Michel Prieur Collection. Ex Classical Numismatic Group 36 (5 December 1995), lot 2392.

Estimate: 500 USD