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Savoca Numismatik GmbH & Co. KG > Online Auction 28 | SilverAuction date: 16 December 2018
Lot number: 185

Lot description:

Bithynia. Nikaia . Severus Alexander AD 222-235.
Bronze Æ

20mm., 3,70g.

[M AVP CEV]H AΛEΞANΔPOC AΥΓ, laureate head right / NI-[KAIE]-ΩN, Aphrodite-Venus kneeling right, nude but for cloth draped across her lap, flanked by two winged Erotes, each holding a torch, with the one on the left also holding up a mirror, which Aphrodite turns to gaze into.

very fine

RG, pg.473, 588; SNG Copenhagen -.

Starting Price: 75 EUR