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Savoca Numismatik GmbH & Co. KG > Online Auction 27 | SilverAuction date: 25 November 2018
Lot number: 393

Lot description:

Phrygia. Philomelion . Julia Mamaea AD 225-235. Μ. ΙΟΥΛΙΟΣ ΠΑΥΛΕΙΝΟΣ (M. Julius Paulinus, magistrate)
Bronze Æ

18mm., 4,84g.

I-O[V]ΛI-A MAMЄA C, diademed and draped bust right / ΦΙΛΟΜΗΛЄ-ΩΝ ΕΠΙ ΠΑΥΛЄ[..], clasped hands.

very fine

SNG von Aulock -; SNG Copenhagen -; BMC Phrygia -; SNG Munich -; Isegrim -; Imhoof-Blumer GM -.

Starting Price: 75 EUR