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Leu Numismatik AG > Web Auction 6Auction date: 9 December 2018
Lot number: 507

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MYSIA. Hadrianotherae. Hadrian, 117-138. Tetrassarion (Orichalcum, 27 mm, 15.29 g, 7 h), M. Ner. Longinos, strategos. AY KAI TPAIANOC AΔPIANOC AYΓO Laureate head of Hadrian to right. Rev. ЄΠI CTP M NЄP ΛONΓINOY AΔPIANOΘHPITΩN Hadrian on horseback to right, brandishing javelin at bear running right. AMNG IV 564. RPC III 1624 corr. (bear not lion). Very rare. Minor deposits and light scratches, otherwise, very fine.

Hadrian was a great lover of the hunt, to the extent that he founded the city of Hadrianotherai (the name literally means: 'Hadrian's hunts') on the spot of a successful bear hunt in Mysia, which we can see on the reverse of this coin.

Starting Price: 75 CHF