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Bertolami Fine Arts - ACR Auctions > Auction 52Auction date: 8 November 2018
Lot number: 196

Lot description:

Q. Pomponius Musa, Denarius, Rome, 66 BC; AR (g 3,86; mm 18; h 3); Laureate head of Apollo r.; behind, wreath, Rv. Erato, the muse of erotic poetry, standing l., standing slightly right, head facing, wearing long flowing tunic and peplum, holding lyre striking it with plectrum; behind, Q POMPONI; before, MVSA. Crawford 410/6; Pomponia 12; Sydenham 816.
Exceedingly rare, with the obverse of the Polyhymnia type. Old cabinet tone, extremely fine.

Estimate: 14000 GBP