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Lot number: 364

Lot description:

Nero. As Caesar, AD 50-54. Æ Sestertius (35mm, 15.89 g, 6h). Uncertain Balkan/Thracian mint. Struck AD 51-54. NERONI CLAVDIO DRVSO GERMANICO CO[S DESIG], bareheaded and draped bust right / EQVESTER/ OR DO/ PRINCIPI/ IVVENT in four lines on shield; vertical spear behind. RIC I 108 (Claudius); von Kaenel, Thrakien, Type A, N3 and Tafel 25, 37. VF, green-brown surfaces, smoothed and tooled.

Ex Lanz 163 (7 December 2016), lot 290 (hammer €1200).

Latin coins (sestertii and dupondii) in the name of Britannicus, Agrippina Jr., and the young Nero have been found localized in the Balkan region, and were most likely struck at a local mint servicing the legions guarding the border. Only four sestertii of Nero as Caesar were known to von Kaenel: one in the Berlin Museum, one in the British Museum, one in the Bibliothèque National and a fourth that appeared in Sternberg 12 (18-19 November 1982, lot 543). The missing S C is consistent with a provincial coinage not issued under the nominal authority of the Roman Senate. RPC I suggested Perinthus as a possible mint, if any of them are genuine." Since that volume's publication, more examples from the Balkans have appeared on the market, all of which clearly appear genuine. "

Estimate: 750 USD